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Global learning

NGO Mondo, Estonia

Promoting education for development and raising public awareness of development issues.

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International Sport Games of Tricolore

Reggio Emilia

The International Sport Games of Tricolore were born in 1997 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the First Tricolour Flag. Reggio Emilia every four years is the capital of one of the most important sport event for young amateur athletes. Its purpose it’s to realise a great event with people from all over the world, with the presence of 3.000 young people, from 11 to 17 years old.

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In the shoe of a refugee

Hamburger Volkshochschule

Young students learn what it means to live in a country that is deprived of development opportunities and what this has to do with their own behavior as a consumer, a user of goods and services.

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Art of Dialogue – Dialogue of the Arts


Revitalising cultural resources and international relations among cities, as a driver for youth participation and sustainable development.

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Tourism Promotion and Renewal Project on Maio Island

City of Loures - twinning with the Town Hall of Maio

Island of Maio

The importance of working in partnership, which has assisted the local authority to fulfil its duties in external cooperation. This concerted effort, means and initiatives, has contributed to increase the social impact of the streamlined actions and the efficiency in the different projects carried out in the scope of a decentralized cooperation. Alignment with ODS 17 – Partnerships for the implementation of objectives.

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Local Governments for global Justice

Saint Louis

Improvement of access to water at a low cost and its local governance in rural communes in the region of St. Louis, Senegal, "Project AWA".

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Evaluating Portuguese intervention in education

Republic of Guinea Bissau

Researchers from CEI-IUL conducted the external evaluation of the intervention of Portuguese cooperation (from September 2009 to August 2016) in the education sector in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

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EDUU team field trip at the site of Nuffar, ancient Sumerian city of Nippur, April 2017

Education and cultural heritage for social cohesion in Iraq

EDUU Project_Nippur

EDUU (Education and cultural heritage enhancement for social cohesion) is a 30 months (2017-2019) international project funded by the European Union in the frame of the EuropeAid - Civil Society Organisations-Local Authorities Programme in Iraq.

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Dry W.C

Santiago Nonualco

Building dry W.C ́s for families with lack of resources in “Caserío Hoja de La Sal”, Santiago Nonualco, El Salvador.

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Syrian crisis: protecting refugees and asylum seekers in Lebanon

Lebanon - North Bekaa Valley - Hermel and Baalbek Governorate

Improving the living conditions of Syrian refugees and Lebanese hosting communities by providing basic services (access to quality water, hygiene assistance and adequate shelter) and by reinforcing the capacities of the communities in coping with the effect of the prolonged crisis.

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City of Toulouse and Saint-Louis, Senegal, partneship: a good example


Improving the living conditions and daily life of the people in Saint-Louis/Senegal - water / sanitation - health - nutrition - Culture - Education

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SHS – School, Health, food Security

Saharawi refugee camps

The project aims to improve and provide services, basic assistance and food aid for Saharawi people through the cooperation between local authorities, associations, and NGOs.

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Protecting the refugees

Story about the intervention of GVC Onlus (Italy) in Lebanon refugee camps, to enhance protection of aylum seekers.

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