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Dry W.C

Jan 2015 - Jan 2016 | El Salvador


Sevilla Acoge Foundation - Santiago Nonualco City Hal, Project financed by Seville Council

Sevilla Acoge was founded in 1985, as the first NGO in Spain engaged on a series of specific goals targeting migrants’ communities. In 2005 the legal nature changed into a Foundation, but the main objectives and goals remained the same: -Working for social Transformation towards a solidarity-based society where different people are able to live together in harmony, and where freedom, rights and values ​​of all are recognized, protected and promoted. -Rrecognition of migrants, taking into account that, respecting their personal identities is a key role and a positive factor in their integration process. -helping migrants to integrate in the Spanish society, without renouncing their identity as the root of their cultural values, while openly promoting migrants' presence and contribution is a positive and rewarding factor for the society as a whole. -A permanent commitment to active participation in the reinforcement and preservation of Social Justice. The Foundation involves active citizens and focuses especially on youths as protagonist of social transformation. Diversity and inter-cultural approach are the main feature of the Foundation's identity.

During this project were created dry w.c for families lack of resources. This dry w.c don't waste water and generate compost. 70 local families participate in this project, there had a proactive roll during the three phases of the project.

Phase 1. Built 70 dry W.C ́s between professional worker and local families. Phase 2. 3 training session about how to use the dry W.C ́s. Phase 3. Create a committee for the responsible use of the dry W.C ́s.

This was a easy intervention that was view favourably by the local families. We consider this project very successful because the 100% of the participants attended the training session and evaluate the impact of this project very useful.

In this area the relation between local government and citizens is complicate because the high level of crime and violence, people have lost trust in the public institution. During this project observe the motivation of the Municipality of Santiago Nonualco to improve the situation of its population.

Built dry W.C that create compost for families lack of resources.