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Local Governments for global Justice

Jun 2014 - Aug 2016 | Senegal


FAMSI - Fondo Andaluz de Municipios para la Solidaridad Internacional

The Andalusian Fund of municipalities for international solidarity (FAMSI) is a network of local governments and other entities, born in the year 2000 with the aim of coordinating the interests and the technical and financial resources for international cooperation for local human development.

Around the bank of the river Senegal there exists a big number of localities of less than 500 inhabitants, distributed of dispersed form on the territory, who satisfy its needs in water straight from the river or from open wells. In both cases, the water is not drinkable, and the inhabitants are forced to adopt a few minimal norms of treatment and conservation that not always are respected. On having talked each other of localities with few inhabitants and you disperse in the territory, the habitual interventions are not viable, given that these solutions need high costs of investment that affect the same way in a cost of production of drinking water also highly. On the other hand, these localities are placed in an area which characteristics hydrogeological allow the application of technologies of perforation low cost. The intervention that has being executed in Senegal, claims the application and publication of this technology of low cost, to give solution to the supplying in drinking water of the localities of Senegal, placed in the bank of the river Senegal. The project is based on the development in parallel of 3 axes of intervention:

          • Technical axis: that determines the appropriate, adapted technology adapted to the needs for supplying.
          • Axis management: that the model of communal management determines adapted in order there assure the durability and the sustainability of the infrastructure.
          • Axis hygiene: to sensitize the users of its main and active roll to guarantee the drinkable water consumption and other parallel actions that help to improve the sanitary conditions of the population.

Credits: This is a project led and implemented by FAMSI (Andalusian Fund of municipalities for the International Solidarity). The main financier of the project AWA is the Andalusian Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AACID) and in the same project, have also been involved local partners as the development agency of San Luis - ARD-, the Regional Bureau of hydraulics and Sanitation in the region and the Municipality of Gamazdji-Saré.